Ada apa dengan Penang Forum 3

I follow with great interest of the recently concluded ‘ ELECTION’ to elect the NGO representatives into the local councils in Penang. The Election was unique or even qualified as the first of its kind in the history of democracy and democratic practices since it’s the first election process to elect Non Governmental Organisation representatives ONLY into two Local Councils ie the. This is the latest process invented due to the innovative arrangement in certain Pakatan states of having a fused system of having representatives to the local council; partly appointed through and election and the others being the current direct political appointment. This might sound like a good deal and a bright day for democracy BUT before you give it a thumbs up. Look closer to discover the joke of the year that laced with scandal and double standard on what seems to be preached and adopted. More


Blast from the past

On Little Bangsar Chit-chat and Feminism

By Us the Critical Mass

My voice states that part of my statement “little chit chats in Bangsar restaurants” DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT in any way intend to ‘discredit’, ‘minimize’, ‘de-signify’ or render the women’s movement subordinate to any other movement in Malaysia.

My heart respects and acknowledge the work done by various women’s NGOs and civil societies on the ground and the contribution they have made towards women empowerment and their role as a movement towards democracy and rights in Malaysia. More

Ada apa dgn isu The Herald?

Melihat akan kontroversi serta isu isu yang berbangkit, kita nampak isu pokok pengunaan perkataan ‘Allah’ oleh majalah The Herald mula mengalami pengolahan persepsi dimana seperti lazim dipolitikan dengan pandangan pandangan aliran pemikiran politik tertentu  serta rethorik-rethorik provokatif yg mengelirukan.

Sejak sehari dua ini,isu The Herald ini telah beranak sampai cucu cicit dan telah membawa bermacam macam spekulasi serta representasi yg pelik.Ada diantara kita yang telah difahamkan akan kesan bahawa isu ini bakal melahirkan fenomena salah guna kalimah Allah sebagai fesyen tatoo dan pakaian pakaian serta bermacam lagi.

Kini,persepsi umum mula bergerak ke semua arah mengikut arah telunjuk ahli ahli politik tertentu.Biar apa pun, ada satu fakta penting yang kita harus ambil kira sebelum kita mengambil satu keputusan muktamad. More

Dissent a true form of Patriotism

K SHAN (Originally published in Malaysiakini)

Today, Malaysia, the nation we collectively embrace as the representative of our dreams and visions will marks its 52th anniversary of independence. In previous years, we read news of the government reprimanding various parties for their lack of patriotism and failure to fly the national flag.

Every year during the Merdeka month, nearly all the media publications bore the entire nation with repetitive, sweeping arguments of the ignorant youth of today on how they fail to appreciate the spirit of Merdeka and the struggle of the past leaders plus how they are not thankful to the independence that we now enjoy.As we watch Bukit Kepong the movie for the 99th time on RTM and TV3 and strings of patriotic speeches and slogans for the entire month. More

Will there be change in UMNO/BN

Umno once again fails to understand their defeat in the recent Kuala Terengganu by-election. Their arrogance and warlord-like behaviour and responses continue even after the results were slapped on their face. Once again, the Umno middle-rank leadership launches their ‘blame game’ saying elements of sabotage and ‘not working hard enough’ were the causes of the defeat. More

Malaysia:Comprehensive Reform to Policing Needed

Amnesty International Malaysia welcomes the initiative taken by the Royal Malaysian Police to introduce a new Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) on arrest and questioning of detainees as reported in media on February 19, 2008. Amnesty views the initiative taken as a positive step to address critical reforms needed on policing in Malaysia and to ensure compliance with the criminal procedure code and rule of law. More

Ada apa dengan Derhaka?

image taken from minaqjinggo

image taken from minaqjinggo

Treason! seems to be a very popular slogan in the last few days in light of the barrage of militant like protest launched against YB Karpal Singh and YB Nizar Jamaluddin.Why now the the clarity of Malaysia being a Constitutional Monarchy that placed the mechanism of due process and the principle of rule of law is being blurred to the effect of suggesting a return to Absolute Monarchy and absolute immunity. More

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